Big Tings – Skindred|Three Years On, The Gods Of Reggae Metal Return|Album Review

Skindred - Big Tings| Credit: Official Album Artwork 2018

If you’re looking for your latest music fix, look no further than Skindred. Three years after their last album, the reggae-metal gods are back with their newest album ‘Big Tings’ via Napalm Records.

True to the beats we’ve heard from the band in the past, this album is great. Each song is pure Skindred magic. The title track is certainly a big ting, but it also shows the band’s maturity. Each member’s instrumental development shines through, giving a great sense for the direction the band is heading in. If you were to imagine the band’s material as alcoholic drinks, their previous material is a straight whisky and this song an Old Fashioned.

Skindred’s discography is a definite journey, from the aggressively angsty ‘Babylon’ to this newer, almost rock’n’roll sound. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the fact that each song is a groundbreaker when played live. Songs such as ‘That’s My Jam’ will make for amazingly lively and memorable performances. There’s a reliance on the choruses throughout the album, but that just adds to the likability and stuck-in-your-head-ness.

One stand-out song is ‘Tell Me’, which really give you the chance to appreciate the band’s talent. Starting as a metal ballad, Benji Webbe’s superb vocals jumps out. The track progresses into a heavier production, allowing Michael Fry’s guitar and Arya Goggin’s drums to slap you in the face.

The band’s adoration for AC/DC comes crashing through with ‘Machine’. A nod to the rock veterans, with Reef frontman Gary Stringer providing guest vocals uncannily similar to Brian Johnson himself. ‘Rock’n’roll Has Saved My Soul‘ gives a definitive glimpse into the band’s origins, and the entire song showcases the their brilliant ability to successfully play different genres. The band have previously recorded an impressive cover of ‘Back In Black’, so it really seems as though AC/DC are the inadvertent parents of Skindred.

A fantastic listen from start to finish, with some showstoppers dotted here and there. Their change in sound may alienate newer listeners, but it also gives the die-hard fans another side to the epic band. Probably not Skindred’s best album ever, but ‘Big Tings‘ is certainly a credit to their back catalogue.

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