Black Foxxes – Reiði|Angst And Rawness Is Not What You’ll Find Here|Album Review

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Black Foxxes have returned to the scene with their second full-length album, ‘Reiði’, via Spinefarm Records. Full of twists and turns, and an unexpected trumpet thrown in for good measure, this album is as intriguing to listen to as the captivating title suggests.

Following the draining experience of releasing and touring their 2016 debut ‘I’m Not Well’, singer and guitarist Mark Holley visited Iceland. Returning refreshed, and with a taste for the lingo, this album is the product of genius. ‘Reiði’ means ‘rage’ in Icelandic; however, angst and rawness is not what you’ll find here.

The delicate opening of ‘Breathe’ confirms that this album is everything you’re not expecting. It wouldn’t be out of place on an early Twin Atlantic record, and serves to showcase the band’s technical talent. From then on, each track is as strong as the last.

JOY’ is a track that’s hard to place, as the lyrics and vocals suggest The Pretty Reckless played a key part in its creation. However, as the song progresses, elements of David Bowie’s ‘Lazarus’ start to appear with the layered instruments and that surprising trumpet. It takes a couple of listens to really appreciate what is going on, but the track is certainly a credit to the album.

The soft and dreamy production of ‘The Big Wild’ is a vast change from the ‘Saela’ heaviness preceding it, catching you out in the best way. The only hint of rage that would fit with the title is ‘Flowers’, a Nirvana-esque setup that screams 90s rock. But just as you start to think that this album might just be living up to its name, ‘Take Me Home’ appears as the calm after the ‘Flowers’ storm.

An album that stands the test of a replay, Reiði is a journey from end to end. Whether you’re in the mood for blasting some great rock, or are in need of a quieter summer track with a difference, this record delivers. You’d be silly to want to skip any of the tracks.

But that’s not all, as Black Foxxes are currently touring and have secured a set at this year’s Download Festival. So, if you want to experience the band’s talents first-hand, be sure to see them live.

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