Superhero Suits, Awesome Tunes and A Whole Lotta Pizza!|Why 2018 Needs More Bands Like The Aquabats!

The Aquabats | Source: Official Promo

It would be fair to say that 2018 is a pretty bloody miserable time in the world isn’t it? Just switch on any news channel at any time of any day if you don’t believe me. It’s a time when finding whatever positivity around becomes more essential with every passing moment. A couple of months back, I found the antidote to these miserable times in the form of an incredible 90’s punk quintet known as The Aquabats!

Now, take a moment for thought dear reader. Try to remember the last band you saw who wore matching superhero suits, throw out giant inflatables of pizza and sharks at their live shows, play nothing but the most cheery of tunes, encourage strangers to embrace (a very non-British way to behave in most situations) and have their very own kids TV show. Oh, did I also mention that their arch-nemesis is called ‘Bready Mercury‘? It’s such an awful name that it some becomes absolutely hilarious, a truly remarkable show of comedic skill.

Although previously I only had a very basic knowledge of these guys, I was lucky enough to see them live in Brixton Academy as the main support on Bowling For Soup’s ‘Get Happy Tour‘. The pairing of these two acts really could not have been any more perfect, bordering on the edge of becoming a full blown musical comedy show. Yet it was the Aquabats that really stood out for a great many of those in attendance, myself included.

Now, this is not to say that BFS weren’t on good form and keeping a sold out venue very much entertained, but The Aquabats held another card that made their show really stand out. That card was the sense of childish wonder they managed to bring to an audience of all ages, taking us all back to a time of Saturday morning kids TV and an almost childish sense of euphoria. A time without all the stresses and strains of being an adult, with plenty of time to play and ignore the world for a while. Plus, as I said before, their musical catalogue is absolutely wonderful, full of upbeat, ska tinged punk about cats, sharks, pizza and being happy. All played by a group at the absolute peak of their craft.

Now all we need is for more bands like this and we can make the world a far more nice place to be once more!

Seriously guys, only we can change the face of modern rock music…


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