Sparkle Punks & Twinkle Daddies? WTF Do They Even Mean?!

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There are two wonderfully exciting and remarkably similar genres exploding from the ‘Emo revival‘ scene. Now, I know what you are thinking, “Emo isn’t even that old, how can it have a revival so early on when some of the best years of it were only ten to fifteen years or so ago?” What I say to you kind reader of a bizarre article I have decided to write is this: Emo actually originated during the late nineteen eighties and early to mid nineties with bands such as Rites Of Spring, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring and Mineral. What these bands did was blend the ideas of thrash and hardcore punk with more melodic and soft vocal patterns, their writing being about lost love, religion, and heartbreak. These bands then paved the way for iconic bands of the early two thousands such as Taking Back Sunday, Coheed And Cambria and Dashboard Confessional. Who, to my knowledge, are all still making music and touring today.

But this isn’t an article about Emo. This is an article about some genres that has come out of it, those things being ‘Twinkledaddies‘ and ‘Sparkle Punk‘. Yes, when I Googled the first one, I regret not having my safe search on.

I have made that mistake, so now you don’t have to. Unless you want to I guess?

Really, it is down to you…

The tricky thing about these two genres is that they are really open to interpretation on what they are and what bands fall into them. The general idea that I have gathered is that Sparkle Punk comes from Post-Hardcore and is more derived from Emo and Pop-Punk over Hardcore, utilising clean and aggressive vocals and intricate and ‘sparkly’ guitar playing. Whereas Twinkle Daddies seems to be more related to Screamo with some riffs that are reminiscent of Metal-Core beatdowns and screaming vocals, whilst still maintaining “twinkly” guitar parts, plus spoken word poetry mid sections. Just to make these classifications a little trickier, there are bands that fall into both categories on different songs, sometimes on the same album.

Yeah, this has been swell doing research for.

Just to add another layer of intrigue, the word Twinkledaddies was actually coined by a band that then falls into that classification of music. TWIABPAIANLATD (more known as TWIABP but actually standing for The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die)’s singer was actually the first to invent the term. Basically, the long and short of it is that the singer made the term up, went on to and started tagging loads of different bands under the term Twinkledaddies, up until actually banned his account from tagging bands. That’s got to have taken one hell of a lot of tagging!

Anyway, a new genre is born, now sporting bands like Midwest Pen Pals, Merchant Ships (pretty sure they are near enough the same band anyway), Dads and Algernon Cadwallader.

Got that?

(If I’m being totally honest, I think my brain is starting to melt a little bit – Slightly Mentally Frazzled Editor).

Basically, the incestuous nature of these bands is that they break up and reform with members of other bands and as the bands get back together, the structure and the development of their sound changes and they become either bigger or inverted versions of their former bands. That in itself is quite interesting, isn’t it?

(The correct answer to that would be “yes it is”).

The thing with Sparkle Punk is that it still has all the anger as Twinkle Daddies, it still has the depth, the style, and the intrigue, but realistically, it just doesn’t have quite such a ridiculous name.

If you want to check out a couple of Sparkle Punk bands, have a listen to the works of Mom Jeans, Dogs On Acid, Prince Daddy And The Hyena, Oliver Huston and It Looks Sad. Bonus points for checking out You Blew it!, Crying, Oso Oso and Darkle.

So yes, check out Sparkle Punk and Twinkle Daddies because damn it, I need some friends that listen to the same music as me.


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