Till You Lie In Your Grave – Miss Ludella Black|From the 80’s to 2018|Album Review

Till You Lie In Your Grave – Ludella Black | Source: Official Album Artwork 2018

After ten years, Miss Ludella Black is back with her new album ‘Till You Lie In Your Grave’. The former Headcoatee and Delmona shows us that one can make 60’s inspired garage/beat in 2018 as well as in the 80’s. The album is like a blast from the past, containing 12 songs written by Mickey Hampshire of The Milkshakes and The Masonics, as well as covers of  ‘Am I going Insane?‘ by Black Sabbath and ‘Wait‘ by The Beatles.

Though the 80’s and 60’s influences can be heard from the very first note of the opening song and title-track ‘Till You Lie In Your Grave‘, the songs do sound new. The instruments and vocals all have a great and quite clean quality and I especially enjoyed the male background vocals which occasionally appear throughout the album.

‘Creature Called Doubt’s’ guitar gives me Franz Ferdinand vibes, while ‘You Don’t Know Right From Wrong‘ brings Sex Bob-Omb from the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World to mind The album’s garage-style also made me think of Green Day’s alter-ego Foxboro Hot Tubs multiple times.

Musically, The Beatles’ cover ‘Wait‘ is a personal highlight. It instantly makes me want to stop writing this review to stand up and dance. ‘Love You I‘ comes close in terms of swinging instruments, but the lyrics of this song, centring on mixing up words due to love tongue-tying people, seem a bit childish to me (no pun intended). Though I must admit they are funny.

The lyrics of ‘Dead Sea Fruit’seem a bit strange as well, as they compare someone’s love to dead sea fruit,  but the song works somehow. It reminds me of ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane.

A lyrical highlight is the melancholy song ‘Brother I Never Had‘. This song almost makes me wish I had a brother of my own.

‘Till You Lie In Your Grave‘ is an enjoyable album. It shows that Miss. Black can still sing as well in 2018 as she did in the 80’s and all the years in between.


Till You Lie In Your Grave is out now via Damaged Goods.


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