The Nude Party – The Nude Party|A Thematic Puzzle With A Few Misshapen Pieces|Album Review

The Nude Party - The Nude Party | Official Album Artwork 2018

Don’t be put off by the funny name, as this album is far from immature. Here with their debut full-length self-titled album come The Nude Party, a band with as much talent as the musical predecessors they were inspired by. The album covers more themes than an English class and is sure to get even the most skeptical of listeners talking.

The band start off simply yet effectively with ‘Water On Mars’, a classic rock setup that guides you gently through the opening minutes of the record. But amongst the usual guitars and drums is the unmistakable sound of an organ. Although mostly subtle, this main event occasionally demands some attention, adding a quirky twist to an otherwise placid track.

The album then shifts up a few gears and begins throwing post-apocalyptic imagery into the mix. ‘Feels Alright’ takes this and runs fully with it to the sound of smoky Status Quo-inspired riffs. The upbeat production juxtaposes with the otherworldly lyrics which come to a peak in the chorus; “It don’t look good but it feels alright”. ‘War Is Coming’ could well be the prequel, as the production paired with the intimidating lyrics perfectly tell the story of the causing factors for the post-apocalyptic world.

Taking sharp a turn away from dystopia comes ‘Gringo Che’, a sketchy retelling of the life of Che Guevara. The most impressive thing about this song is the classy guitar solo near the end, however it ends as quickly as it started. ‘Paper Trail (Money)’ is just as unfulfilling, sounding more like a filler song than a hit.

However, it is ‘Astral Man’ that really stood out to me. The Nude Party have met their inner astronauts and have gone extra-terrestrial for this track. Featuring a two-minute closing jamming session, this is the song that shows the band know what they’re doing. The lyrics are superb whilst the production allows for each band member to be appreciated. A spacey song that sounds like it could have been written in the 60s? Here you go.

The Nude Party have made a debut album that sounds like it could be a fourth release. It’s mastered impressively and each song knows its place. Yes, there are some that don’t work as well and are easily forgotten, but there are also the unexpected gems that give it their all. If this is their early material, it will be very interesting to see how they develop.

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