Outlaws ‘Til The End Volume 1 – DevilDriver|Line Dancing From Hell|Album Review

It is too hot to rock.

In case you are reading this in an Icelandic cave somewhere, the U.K. has been hit with something called ‘The Sun‘ and we’re all shocked to learn it is not just a newspaper that leans to the right-wing about as much as I love to neck two bottles of rum and set fire to my own burps!

Us here in the U.K. have discovered the sun is a ball of fire and gas up in the sky!

Goths have either evaporated or have migrated to colder climates, that drunken lout of a neighbour has his top off all hours of the fucking day in which I am praying for a cold snap or melanoma to hit that crudely drawn St. George’s Cross tattoo he proudly displays. Personally, I spend most of my days, in darkness, for fear that my beard is going to catch fire with ice poles taped under my man tits in a vain way to cool down.

It is too hot to rock. 

So forgive me, before I start this review I would like to give a hearty and sweat logged middle finger to the Editor of In Key (See me in my office for a jolly good telling off you rapscallion! – Slightly Hurt Editor), for giving me a review from probably one of the heaviest bands this side of the western continent, I’m terrified that if I even try to head bang, I’ll wake up in the hospital with no memory and I’ve just spent the majority of this summer learning the lyrics to ‘I Ran‘ by Flock of Seagulls and I’ll be buggered if I’m going to forget them again! 

So here we are, a new DevilDriver album – a band who are highly respected for churning out good albums and I’ll give this album one slither of credit from the word go – at least I’m not reviewing another EP masquerading as an album, however my praise will stop right there as I am reviewing what is essentially a covers album of country classics, by a band who seem like they would do unspeakable acts to the cows, rather than take them back to the ranch.

Having said that, you can always rely on Dez Fafara to do something daring for, if for no other reason, to keep his day job of screaming down a microphone invigorating, as he reaches closer to the tender sweet young age of 55.

The idea of country music getting the heavy metal treatment should be a concept that’s laughed out the building and booted out the window with such ferocity, Superman would be hard pressed to catch up and rescue it’s battered carcass.

Well here’s where I say shut up you silly gooses and take heed, ‘Outlaws ‘Til The End‘ not only packs a punch, but is also bloody good fun.

One of the high points I can give this album is that, if you’re going to do an album with such a bizarre concept, you may as well go hard or go home and DevilDriver do just that. They don’t only just cover country classics from such heavyweight acts of the scene, including Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams to name a few, but DevilDriver have also pawed through their little black telephone book of cameo’s to invite Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, Wednesday 13 and John Carter Cash along for what is a whisky soaked hoedown – and we’re all invited.

There are a few songs that fall a little flat, a little too beefy, I wasn’t too hot on their cover of ‘The Man Comes Around‘ for example. However that didn’t spoil my overall enjoyment. Every song is a treat to listen to, presented and produced sublimely and hell, they get some credit from me for their blinding rendition of ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’ because when it comes to country music – that song is my fucking jam!

DevilDriver fans may not know the originals very well, fans of the originals are probably looking for any fire exit imaginable to escape the fresh line-dance from hell that DevilDriver are giving them, but for everyone in-between there’s a lot to enjoy.

It’s clear DevilDriver enjoyed recording this album, it’s an album to break the speed limit to whilst driving down the prairie, dodging all the road-kill, with the AC cranked up, because if you’re going to run into circle pits in this brutal weather you’re either brave or the IQ points to that of a sweaty egg and cress sandwich. A fun album to help fans wait out until the harsh winter sets in – or when DevilDriver step up with another album of originals.

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