A Beginners Guide To… Deadmau5!

Source: Official Deadmau5 Facebook Page

Joel Zimmerman, better known by his stage name Deadmau5 (which you pronounce ‘Dead-Mouse’ or ‘Dead-Mau-Five’ if you like to annoy overzealous fans who will angrily correct you on your mispronunciation), is a Canadian electronic dance music producer and performer. He is best known for his signature ‘Mau5head’ logo and his unusual talent for coming up with comments that make Gordon Ramsey look like a polite and refined individual“.

Well, we’ll be damned if this quote taken from whatever folks created the Deadmau5 page over at Unclycopedia isn’t a description that is both bloody hilarious and also steeped in a strong sense of truth. The mouse-headed one really isn’t a man to shy away form controversy, but also isn’t above a bit of self-depreciating humour and has also released a big fat stack of dance-floor belters into the world, so I guess we just have to forgive him…

Anyhow, electronic music lovers down in Kent are certainly in for a treat when Mr. Zimmerman hits the home county to perform live at The Social on Sunday 5th August. So we thought it was our privilege… No, our DUTY to create a quick guide to a few of the essential tracks from the Canadian’s more than impressive back catalogue.

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