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Viva Forever - Spice Girls | Official Single Artwork 1998

It’s 1998. The internet is not far from taking over the world, Tony Blair is the Prime Minister and the most important thing in the news is Geri Halliwell leaving the Spice Girls.

For some, that sounds like some far-flung alternative universe. For those who are old enough, it was reality, and Spice Girls were VERY IMPORTANT. Yes, really.

‘Viva Forever’ had a rocky ride before the public had even heard it.¬†Its release date was constantly pushed back, another song was supposed to accompany it, and it sparked the beginning of the end of the girl band.

But, with all that aside, it’s actually a pretty good song. So, 20 years after it gave the Spice Girls their seventh UK No.1 single, let’s all gather round and remember the good old days.

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