Kill The Lights – Tony Molina | I Won’t Take My Coat Off, I’m Not Stopping | Album Review

Source: Official Tony Molina Bandcamp Page

You know what it’s like, you get in from a hard day at work and you’re starving hungry. You decide to make yourself something quick and easy, but of course, you’ve got to have some tunes to unwind with haven’t you? So, you open up your Spotify/ dig into your record or CD collection and pull out ‘Kill The Lights‘, the brand new album from Tony Molina. The music starts to flow from your speakers, you’ve got those good kitchen vibes going and you put the grill on to warm up, so as to to cook yourself some delicious sausages. However, just as you put them in to sizzle away, the album comes to an end.

Now, you may think that is seems a touch over-dramatic, but we kid you not, the entire ten songs total up to around quarter of an hour of run-time. Each track holds between one and two minutes of content, but with such bite-sized delights as ‘Now That She’s Gone‘ and ‘Nothing I Can Say‘, the argument of quality of quantity is very one sided.

However, even though each track trims off any excess, leaving only the core goodness, we do wish that there was a little more to really chew on at times, as once or twice we felt that perhaps the cutting room floor may have a small amount of perfectly good music that was sacrificed to stick to a formula.

If you want to experience a new album this week and have very little time in which to do so, this is the perfect release for you! However, for the rest of us, we just hope that whatever Mr. Molina creates next is a little more fleshed out, as to be honest, regardless of how great the music is, this is the audible equivalent of the classic line of ‘I won’t take my coat off, I’m not stopping


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