Need Some1 – The Prodigy | Rave Away The Misery Of Monday | Track Of The Day

Source: Official The Prodigy Facebook Page 2018

Monday’s suck don’t they? The weekend is officially over (apart from the glorious Bank Holiday weekends, which delay Monday until Tuesday for one week only) and the party end of the week is a whole five days away! Frankly, we think the world got it wrong when it came to only have two days for a weekend. Perhaps we can start a petition or something?

Well, if Mondays are going to insist on sticking around for the foreseeable future, then my oh my do we have a tune to kick you into shape and ready you for the treacherous time between now and Friday night fun times. Bring on The Prodigy with their absolute banger ‘Need Some1‘, taken straight from their upcoming album ‘No Tourists‘ (available 2nd November).

It’s The Prodigy, you should know what to expect by now, so go forth and rave on!

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