I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys | Happy Birthday Howie D! | Track of the Day

I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys | Official Single Artwork 1999

Ahh, Backstreet Boys. That boy-band that, unless you were completely besotted with them, just hung around in the background. So, for most, it won’t be common knowledge that today is Howie D’s 45th birthday.

However, if, like me, you spent the best part of your early teens watching questionable YouTube videos, you’ll know that Weird Al Yankovic made an eBay parody song to the tune of Backstreet Boy’s UK No. 1 hit ‘I Want It That Way‘. If you haven’t had the pleasure, I recommend listening to it right now.

So, to both celebrate Howie D’s birthday and to rekindle my love for that eBay song, here’s ‘I Want It That Way’ in all its 1999 glory.

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