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Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson | Official Single Artwork 1988

How does someone choose the greatest Michael Jackson song of all time? Answer: they don’t, there isn’t one, they all rock. We’ve decided on an In Key personal favourite here, and even then it wasn’t an easy decision to make to honour the King of Pop on what would have been his 60th birthday.

The world is still deeply in love with Michael Jackson’s music, and rightly so. Over the course of his epic career that was cut way too short, he took the world by storm and never stopped producing the best music he could. That’s not even scratching the surface of MJ’s career; there aren’t enough words in the English language to fully honour such a legend.

Man In The Mirror‘ is a song that never fails to give you the shivers. It’s gentle, it’s mesmerising and it’s pure pop perfection. It is also one of the most relatable songs in existence, because who doesn’t want to change for the better?

When released in 1988, the song only peaked at No.22 in the UK. However, when news of the great man’s death spread across the globe in 2009, the track reached No.2. A poignant reminder that, even in death, Michael Jackson is still one of the best.

Let’s all sit back and reflect on how utterly brilliant he was, on his diamond birthday.

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