FLOAT – Otis Mensah (Feat. Isaacxhopes) | UK Hip-Hop Fans Take Note, ‘Cause This Could Be The Future | Track Of The Day

Otis Mensah | Source: Official Otis Mensah Facebook Page 2018

Here at In Key Magazine, we listen a lot of music, probably best categorised as being an almost absurd amount. From basement Indie bands to chart-topping Pop superstars, so when we hear something that feels totally unique and fresh, we sit up and take notice.

After seeing Otis Mensah perform a fantastic opening set for Cosmo Sheldrake at Plug in Sheffield earlier this year, I was utterly captivated by his absolutely stellar performance where, through sheer charisma alone, not a single pair of eyes could take their eyes from the stage. Incredible writing and a flow that can only be describes as absolute fire, combined with a complete absence of bull***t or pretence, made for a performance from an artist we simply had to know more about.

So, if you listen to nothing else today, allow yourself to be urged to check out ‘Float‘, the latest release from what we firmly believe could be one of the next big stars of UK Hip-Hop.

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