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Kin (OST) - Mogwai | Source: Official Album Artwork 2018

The art of the soundtrack is really one that has always been severely under-rated within films in my humble opinion. Obviously, you’ll have the iconic works found in the likes of Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, Indiana Jones or pretty much any Disney movie that has somebody bursting into spontaneous song, but what about those musical accompaniments that build the movie without you even really having much awareness to them? The scores that do their job so well that you hardly notice they’re there? Today, we’re doing just that and taking a look at the fantastic soundtrack that Mogwai bring to Science-Fiction/Action movie ‘Kin‘. 

Now, I’m running solely on the music here. I’ve not seen the film myself, which is hardly surprising, as I have a tendency to not watch many films (although my two favourite movies of all time, ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs The World‘ and ‘Once‘, both have killer soundtracks), but what I hear is nothing short of absolutely enchanting. 

The band have ditched any of the Indie flavours that have been present in their old work for the most part, choosing instead to focus on something far more ambient and grand in scale, with a very heavy bias towards a palette of electronic sounds that carry the idea that what we hear is far larger than the sum of it’s parts. This is what we imagine Space and the great unknown of what lies beyond our human understanding would sound like if we somehow managed to translate it to something audible. In particular, the slightly peculiarly named ‘Donuts‘ (we’re sure it make sense if you’ve seen the movie) manages to crescendo it’s way from it’s delicate openings tones right through to the awe-inspiring Orchestral bombast it reaches just past it’s mid-way point. The structure of the track is deceptively simplistic, making use of a singular line that repeats throughout it’s entire length, adding layer upon layer to the exquisite wall of sound it concludes with. If this doesn’t make Mogwai deserving of some kind of award, we’re really not sure what it’s going to take. 

(Controversial opinion incoming! Don’t ‘@’ us! – Middle-Ground Finding Editor) That said though, that song from the Titanic that everyone knows (yes, I know it’s called ‘My Heart Will Go On’, I just cannot stand it! Also, THERE WAS F***ING LOADS OF F***ING ROOM ON THAT F***ING RAFT FOR F***ING JACK TO F***ING GET ON TOO, IF F***ING ROSE HADN’T F***ING BEEN SUCH A F***ING SELFISH F***ING F**K!) managed to win an award over Elliot Smith’s absolutely spellbinding ‘Miss. Misery‘ used in the closing scene of ‘Good Will Hunting‘, so sometimes there really is no accounting for taste. 

The only real criticism we can find of the album is it’s final track, ‘We’re Not Done‘, apparently created for the movie’s ending credits sequence. Don’t get us wrong, but the slightly gritty Indie song credentials, still mixed in with some airy synthesizers, simply doesn’t work with the overall product. That’s not to say it’s not a great track and on any other album would be an absolute banger, but on this collection of compositions, it’s an end that juxtaposes just that bit too much from it’s predecessors.

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