The Power Of Love – Jennifer Rush | Happy 58th Birthday, Jennifer! | Track of the Day

The Power Of Love: The Best Of - Jennifer Rush | Official Album Artwork 2010

How many songs are called ‘The Power Of Love‘? Far too many – c’mon guys, think of something else!

Anyway, this ‘The Power Of Love’, by none other than ballad queen Jennifer Rush, is here to celebrate her birthday. Born on this day in 1960, Rush wrote this song about her then boyfriend¬†Steven Engebretson, and the couple remained together long after the song was released in 1985.

It topped the UK chart for an impressive five weeks, becoming the best-selling single of that year. The song was also the first female soloist single to sell a million copies in the UK. Rush held the title for the biggest selling single by a female vocalist until Whitney Houston blew everyone away with ‘I Will Always Love You‘ in 1992.

So, since it’s Friday and the weekend is here, hit that play button and sing your heart out.*

(*Disclaimer: Neighbours might complain)

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