A Beginners Guide To… Mid-West Emo!

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So, I think by now, it has been thoroughly established that I only listen to terrible music, sad music or niche music that no one really likes that much (and for good reason too). This neatly brings me on to my guide to Mid-West Emo.

Now, you may remember the Emo phase everyone went through in the early 2000’s. You’ll probably remember saying the words, “No mum! It isn’t just a phase! This is who I am!“, before whipping the fringe from your eyes.

However, this is a different kind of Emo.

There are a whole bunch of new bands out there with equally (if not more so) whiny vocalists, depressing lyrics/lyrics about girls not liking them (particularly odd when you realise most of the singers are male and in their mid twenties), four chord structures and gang vocals. Now, the thing that makes these bands different is that one, they are all friends since before they were famous, two, they all have band names from pop culture/friend’s band’s song names, and they all seem to come from the exact same region whilst drawing heavily from poetry and scream (but not as you know it).

So, here is my definitive list of Midwest Emo bands (although some of these bands cross over into different genres but this is sort of an all encompassing list) that set the stage for what the scene is.

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