In Key’s Top 5 Halloween Songs | Part 1 | Nick’s Choices!

Halloween! No. Sorry. That should be, Mother F***ing Halloween, the greatest invention to come out of America since artery clogging cheese burgers and it is here once again.

The tricks! The treats! The inventive cocktails purely designed to have one vomit an unholy amount of bodily fluids and hug your toilet bowl like a long lost relative! If anyone says to me they don’t like Halloween, I am immediately calling the police.

However, it is scientific fact that no celebration of mythical creatures such as ghosts, vampires and the Welsh  would be complete without a full on musical journey to get us pumped and ready while we’re clogging our pores up with grease paint and trying to fit into ill advised PVC. What better genre to celebrate such a holiday than Rock music?

Let’s be honest, for the average Metal head, every day is Halloween and if we had it our way it would be our national holiday, with dead trees in living rooms and the halls decked out with smallpox. There are so many albums and songs we could talk about but sadly, I would be here until the next Halloween discussing them!

So pull up a chair, grab your pumpkin spiced latte and ask the spirit of Michael Jackson to sit the fuck down as ‘Thriller’ (We’ll bloody see about that! – Moonwalking Editor) is not needed, here are 5 rock songs to get into the mood of all things unholy.

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