In Key’s Top Halloween Songs | Part 4 | Vita’s Choices!

After months of seeing Halloween memes float across social media, the day is finally upon us. Today is the day that kids get more candy than they could possibly eat, horror films and horror spoofs are all over the tv guide, and people of all ages dress up in a spooky attire (my costume of choice: Gerard Way’s ‘Three Cheers’-era make up and ‘Black Parade’-era clothes).

It is also the perfect day to get cosy with your preferred hot beverage and listen to some scary songs.  The weather is getting pretty cold outside, after all.

So warm yourself up with this top five of frightening tunes, because ‘This Is Halloween’!

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A young Dutch student of English and Japanese with a passion for music and writing. She mostly listens to pop punk and emo, and aspires to be a novelist for both children and adults.

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