All Out Life – Slipknot | Slipknot Are Back and Are Fed Up With Your S**t! | Track Of The Day

I think the title says it all, Slipknot are back and are totally sick of your s**t. While we were all settling down here last night in the UK, after another successful Halloween and dreading those gaudy Christmas adverts that insult all the senses, the treats did not stop as the Des Moines nine piece took us by the collective throats and screamed into our faces with ‘All Out Life‘.

Many fans, myself included were surprised to say the least, while we knew the next album was due to release in 2019, just in time for their headline Download Festival performance to hear new material, let alone see a music video so soon threw everyone off.

However, less words and more action is needed. Sit back, let the anger of ‘All Out Life’ flow through you and create a circle pit at your workplace, maybe smacking Steve the checkout service assistant for making you endure drill music all year.

2019 couldn’t come quick enough.

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