Evolution – Disturbed | An Evolution of What Exactly? | Album Review

Evolution - Disturbed | Official Album Artwork 2018

Disturbed. How can one describe Disturbed?

Well you have to give them credit for one thing – they have somehow managed to stick around for almost two decades, whilst managing to produce the same album over and over again. I don’t quite know if that’s a testament to their will or a testament to music listeners who preach that “metal is stale”, yet will kick off on online forums if Metallica were to duet with Lady GaGa or Cradle of Filth with, oh I don’t know, Bonnie Tyler, I suppose.

Disturbed really shouldn’t be around in this day and age, they should have really have died off with the rest of the Nu-Metal pond life scum or at least become part of those novelty shows you see every now and then, where Alien Ant Farm and POD go on tour together. However, held on they have and their legacy will that band who did the “Oh wa-aa-aa-aaa” song, the “Ah-ah-ah-oh” song and the fact they can cover Tears for Fears, Genesis and Simon & Garfunkel really well.

Disturbed! The greatest pub metal covers band in the world, only without the flat caps and piss tasting cider! There’s my tag-line for you! They don’t even have the piercings any more, something about “Being aged 45 and looking ridiculous in piercings“, yet still sing the lyrics “No, mommy, don’t do it again, I’ll be a good boy” or something to that degree.

There’s a fitting saying about glass houses and stones, for that, but that’s for another argument.  

And yes, we could all point our daggers at the fact I love KoRn, who can be accused of doing the same thing for longer, but at least KoRn experiment every now and then. Yes, ‘The Path of Totality’ wasn’t the greatest success, with its dubstep crossover, but it was a bull they rode with both horns. What has Disturbed done of any note, that wasn’t a cover? Well let’s sit down, shut the f**k up and listen to their new album ‘Evolution’, a bold title for a band like Disturbed. At this rate, I’ll only accept that it is an evolution if they team up with a Jazz flamingo band.

Sadly, they don’t or this would have gone up in my books.

Like all Disturbed albums, it pretty much starts rather unremarkable and pretty much the same sound they have achieved twenty years ago. ‘Are You Ready’ is the standard ‘stand up and rise’ song they achieved after their Genesis cover. The industrial aspects of this album sounds incredibly dated, to a point that even retro Hipster’s would be ashamed to like with or without without irony. Then there’s the tribal sounding track ‘No More’, which gets us up to only two songs in and I am getting the feeling, that this is going to be a paint by numbers metal album. Though, mercifully, nothing as bad as that Verni album I had to review recently (#F**kVerni)

If there is one thing I can give praise to with Disturbed is that, at least David Draiman’s vocals are still strikingly consistent. I suppose this is probably the main draw for this band? Draiman still is a remarkable singer, he can’t write for toffee and some of his lyrics are laughable to the point of tears, but it’s kind of to be expected for the Nu-Metal genre and at least he has the powerful voice to back it up.

A Reason to Fight’ shows off those talents. It’s another acoustic track, I mean look how well their Simon & Garfunkel cover went, they’re going to have to put in acoustic tracks until the end of time now. That’s pretty much where this album stops on trying to evolve on anything – three tracks in! I guess I can call this review a day and go back to my morning ritual of crying along to The Smiths or hit the bottle and dance along Poppy.

Or I suppose I can just review the rest of this album and try and give you some critical response.

I just don’t know what else you want me to say, there are some decent tracks on here, but honestly, if you hated Disturbed before, there is no reason to pick up this album. If you love Disturbed, then it’s another ten tracks for you to get into. There really are no other songs to note or muse over. Sure there’s some acoustic tracks on here and less of that alpha male gorilla grunting Disturbed are known for, but I wouldn’t exactly hail it as the second best evolution since the ape.

Draiman’s vocals does save the album fair bit from making this album a car crash, but this isn’t an evolution, this is a lie along with the existence of the earth being flat. By time album finale ‘Already Gone’ came around, I was already gone to make my hundredth cup of coffee for fear this album would put me to sleep. If you were a fan of Disturbed, then by all means, fill your boots, there’s something here for you to love. If not, then there are other productive things to do with your time.

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