Post Apocalypto – Tenacious D | The Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore | Album Review

Post Apocalypto - Tenacious D | Official Album Artwork 2018

Right, I’m cracking this review out quick so I can go back to my nightly routine of going down to the Hastings docks, where my clients pay me good money to dress up as Winnie The Pooh and do unspeakable things with a jar of honey. Things hat I can only describe as bringing in a whole new meaning to the term ‘smugglers adventures’.

We all know who Tenacious D are. I certainly f***ing do! For the past 16 years all I have been called is Jack Black by snarky ‘rude bois’ in every nightclub across the length and breadth of Kent and Sussex. I suppose reviewing this album is poetic justice for managing to get a beer garden to sing ‘Tribute’ over the Halloween weekend. In fact, the one thing this album and being called Jack Black has in common is, to borrow a quote from The Smiths, the joke isn’t funny anymore.

I don’t quite know why this album even exists? It’s twenty-one songs of one to three minute sketches, none of which are really noteworthy, all set after an apocalypse and, from what I can research, are all part of a cartoon YouTube show. Here’s the low down, it’s pretty much every Tenacious D album. It’s immature, it’s got jokes about being gay – which happened to be the longest track on this album (Making Love) and awful, A-W-F-U-L impressions! It’s a tasteless audio adventure.

I’m not one to go on about ‘PC Culture‘, I mean f**k, have you read my f***ing articles?! I take potshots at the Welsh and talk about getting bl**jobs from tuning forks, I’m hardly one to talk about what’s PC and what’s not (Seriously readers, you should see the stuff I have to cut out of his work! – Scarred For Life Editor), but none of this is done with any sense of taste or even some of the clever story-telling that Tenacious D have been known for. It just screams ‘shameless cash cow‘ where the udders have long since become cracked and raw, fit producing only curdled cream until the cow is not even fit to be turned into a cheap chain restaurant burger. 

Also, points off for trying to make light of suicide! Just f**k right off! 

There are two things to take away from this: Jack Black still has an amusingly powerful voice and the acoustic guitar work is still good. I can’t imagine how there are hardcore Tenacious D fans, but we live in a world where somehow, Fred Durst is considered a musical genius, so I guess there must be some hardcore fans of this sort of toilet humour. I presume that would be people who still think Adam Sandler is a talented comedian and have the IQ of a supermarket egg sandwich that has been left in the sun.

It’s mercifully only half an hour long, so thankfully I didn’t have to stab my ears with a blunt object or set myself on fire. Other than that, that is all there is to say on this miserable, sordid affair. I would love to review this album in more detail but as I argued to my Editor, how the f**k am I supposed to review one-minute wonders that finish quicker than I do in between the sheets?! Tenacious D you are so much better than this! Trust me this comes from a place of tough love, not because I could quite happily do unspeakable things to Jack Black in the street for ruining nightclubs and my teens to mid twenties for me, but it’s a far cry from ‘Beelzeboss‘ or ‘Wonderboy‘ and a far cry from the cleverly funny songs you could write.

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

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