Like A Shadow – Holding Absence | A Stellar Seventh Song From An Amazing New Band | Track Of The Day

Source: Buzz Magazine

Even though ‘Like A Shadow’ is only the band’s seventh song to appear on Spotify, the Cardiff-based Holding Absence already sound like a mature band with a sound of their own. The chorus is so big it could wake up a sleeping log, and it’s not hard to imagine this song being played (and sung/shouted back) in a huge stadium. For a band to be to be this good this early on is extraordinary.

And it is not only their music that is good. Their live show is passionate and genuine, as are the band members themselves. Plus, the music video has a pleasing black-and-white aesthetic, which fits the song and band well. So, if you haven’t yet checked them out, give Holding Absence’s new tune a listen down below:

(P.S. they also have socks as merch, which I think is a brilliant idea. Honestly, who doesn’t want an extra pair of socks? Especially if they’ve got a cool logo on them like theirs do).

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