In Key Magazine Writers Picks: Nick’s Top Ten Albums Of 2018 (In 3D, On Ice!)

Well f**k, according to the magical dragon resting on my shoulder, which I should really should address at my next psychiatrist meeting, we have now left 2018 – a year that remarkably didn’t see me dead through misadventures involving German dungeon keepers and a spatula, nor a complete and total Autistic shut-down. OK I lied on the latter, 2018 saw one of them.

If there was one thing I could take away from 2018 is that I am fully versed into how to chop up lines of cocaine for accountant Dwarf’s (The fantasy creatures, not small people – Political Correctness Confirmation Editor) and also, how the Braxton Hicks is not a type of pickle! Google it and don’t ask how I got to that. 2018 was more than a education, just nod and move on.

One thing has kept me going throughout this year however, was the selection of fine albums that came out across the twelve month period and, before I dive into the cesspool of bleak misery, Captain Morgan’s, trips to the therapist and the odd concert here and there that 2019 will no doubt pounce on me out of the blue, like seagulls on chips (Not Nick’s words, but a phrase that is less likely to see us being shut down – Exhausted Editor) , let us look at the albums that 2018 graced us with.

Before we get cracking a few rules, first, my list my rules:

1. If you don’t like what I put on here, f**k off!

2. Only full length albums. None of the EP crap that was bestowed on me over the summer. That means NIN’sBad Witch’ is still in the ocean where it belongs and all albums have had to have come out in the year of our lord 2018 with all of that in mind let’s go insane.

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