Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts) – Yoko Shimomura | KINGDOM HEARTS 3 IS HERE AT LAST EVERYONE! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! | In Key Magazine


Now, at In Key Magazine we don’t generally write about anything that isn’t strictly music related, but every now and again, an exception simply has to be made. Today is one of those days. Why’s that, you ask?


KINGDOM HEARTS 3 IS NOW OUT EVERYBODY! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! IT IS ACTUALLY FINALLY HERE AND HOLY S**T WE COULD NOT BE ANY MORE EXCITED! LOCK THE DOORS, WE SHALL NOT BE SEEING SUNLIGHT UNTIL IT IS COMPLETED! (It’s literally only you and Nick who are excited Mitch. The rest of us don’t really understand what’s going on other than the fact it has Disney stuff in it – Slightly Perplexed Editor).

So, for now, sit back and enjoy this awesome remix from Leg Day. I may be gone for quite some time.

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