Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit | Forget The Red Cap, Here’s Wes Borland! | Track Of The Day

Wes Borland (2012) | Source: Official Limp Bizkit Facebook Page

Now, I seriously don’t care what anyone thinks, I f***ing LOVE me some Limp Bizkit! Yes, I hear the cries of boos and hisses when their name is mentioned, yet hold on for just a moment!

Any time I’m in one of my favourite little rock clubs, be it on the decks or the dance floor, the moment a bit of Fred Durst and the gang roars through the speakers, you know that s**t is about to go off and any pretence is lost in an often alcohol soaked haze of nostalgia and pure angsty teen feelings rising up in us all again in the best of ways.

However, today we leave the red-capped leader of the band to one side and focus our attention on Limp Bizkit guitar slinger, Wes Borland, who turns forty-four years old today!

So take a moment out of your day to appreciate the awesome riffage and crazy costumes of one of Nu-Metal’s most unsung heroes, with this little gem from the vaults.

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