A Beginners Guide To… Deadmau5!

July 18, 2018 Mitchell Emery 0

Electronic music lovers down in Kent are certainly in for a treat when Deadmau5 hits the home county to perform live at The Social on Sunday 5th August. So we thought it was our privilege to create a quick guide to a few of the essential tracks from the Canadian’s more than impressive back catalogue.

Teen Angst Anthems|Untouchables – KoRn

July 8, 2018 Nick Meekham 0

2002 was a unique time in music. A bygone era where rock music was embraced in the loving bosom of mainstream media, used for Wrestling shows, movie trailers and shampoo commercials. However the undisputed champions of the raging teenage daddy issues were indeed KoRn.

Teen Angst Anthems|Almost Here – The Academy Is…

June 20, 2018 Vita Jansen 0

Are ‘The Academy Is…’ the forgotten heroes of Emo? Back in 2006, ‘Panic! At The Disco’ was their support act and singer William Beckett featured in multiple FOB videos and songs, which surely gives them the credentials? Well, regardless, they’re still our next contender for Teen Angst Anthems…

A Quick Lesson In… Soul!

June 14, 2018 Bernadette Hawkes 0

Worried that you may be short on knowledge when it comes to one of the world’s greatest musical genres? Well, fear no more! A quick class full of the facts, info and artists you need to know about when it comes to Soul is just a click away…

A Beginner’s Guide To… Joan Jett!

June 11, 2018 Kirsty Poynton 0

This month marks 42 years since The Runaways released their self-titled debut, shooting Joan Jett into the limelight. So we thought it was about time we celebrated the first release of the marvellous career of the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll with a beginners guide to her best work! Find out more inside…