A Beginners Guide To… Mid-West Emo!

October 26, 2018 Alex Vellis 0

Here at In Key Magazine, we present to you the definitive brief guide to the musical phenomenon that Is Midwest Emo! From Modern Baseball To Pinegrove and beyond, allow us to give you the lowdown on some of the genre’s greatest bands!

Teen Angst Anthems|Under My Skin – Avril Lavigne

June 10, 2018 Mitchell Emery 0

Ah, the Teen years… A time of change, angst and hormones, as well as a time where many of us find some of the music that will stay with us through our entire life, often laced with plenty of the aforementioned angst. To kick off this series, we simply had to start with Avril Lavigne and here 2004 album ‘Under My Skin’. Why not find out more inside?

A Poet’s Big Day Out To Slam Dunk 2018!

June 10, 2018 Alex Vellis 0

Slam Dunk is probably THE festival for UK Pop-Punk, Rock and Emo fans isn’t it? A whole day of bands singing songs of cynicism, angst, heartbreak and the like! So who better to discuss the day than our resident poet Alex. Find out about his big day out inside…