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Source: The Times Official Website

Now, usually at In Key Magazine, we pick our track of the day based on a birthday, historical happening or such, but today we are forced to break that rule, because when you hear something as utterly captivating as this…

Well, we’d be failing you if we didn’t share it!

Now, those of you who are fans of ‘Later… With Jools Holland‘ (as every self-respecting music enthusiast should be) may well have already seen this stunning performance from none other than Daniel Blumberg on 5th June 2018. In fact, we even reviewed his recent album, ‘Minus‘, so regular readers may know of the gent from there!

Back to the aforementioned performance though. We cannot find words to describe just how deep, emotional, raw, honest and truly heart-on-sleeve this really is. So shut off the world for five minutes, dim the lights and give yourself over to pure audible art.

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