A Beginners Guide To… Industrial Music!

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Sometimes, traditional music structures just don’t cut it for me. How could songs possibly talk to me, with their fretboard w***ing guitar solos and bitter-sweet lyrics of love and loss? Sometimes, I just need to hear a mangled machine orgy, inaudible lyrics of what I assume are about how great we British are in supermarket queues and/or various samples of old B-Movies.

In a nutshell that is Industrial music, a unique genre that seems to transcend to all corners of the music spectrum. Whether it be rock or pop, you are never too far behind getting on your knees and praising the music lords for such a robust genre to fit into your carpool karaoke’s for generations to come.

Starting out in the late 1970’s as the furious bastard spawn of punk music, industrial has taken on many forms since then, from the pioneers of Throbbing Gristle to Cabaret Voltaire, the use of electronic synthesisers and distorted guitars never felt so good and helps translate the darker thoughts in our subconscious.

Branching out into other sub genres such as the New-Romantic era of the 1980’s with acts such as Depeche Mode, before nestling itself into the bosom of 1990’s alternative acts such as Marilyn Manson, you know you like industrial, you just never knew it was there.    

However unlike previous lists here on In Key, it’s hard just to pick 5 songs to give you a kick start in the right direction. Industrial commands you to go elbow deep, getting on your knees and sampling every flavour from the sweet to the sour and hoping to Christ you don’t choke in the process, with this now firmly in your mind, let us look into 5 albums, essential for any budding Electro-Head.

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