Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Green Day | A Guide To How To Do A Comeback | Track Of The Day

American Idiot - Green Day | Source: Official Album Artwork 2004

After coming it close to calling it a day, recording the infamous lost album that was ‘Cigarettes & Valentines‘ and restarting afresh, it was back in 2004 that Green Day finally released ‘American Idiot‘ and on this very day in that very year, gained their first ever UK number one album!

Now, I’m somebody who quite literally has a half sleeve tattoo dedicated to the front cover of this very album and has defended it to the death as not only the best thing Green Day every created (shut up, yes it is, don’t make me give you a long winded explanation as to how any other opinion is simply incorrect), but my all time favourite album of all time, that I doubt will ever be beaten.

So today, I invite you to join me to celebrate this absolute masterpiece that showed the music world how to do a comeback right!

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