The Anthem – Good Charlotte | The Anthem Album That Holds ‘The Anthem’ Turns 16! | Track Of The Day

The Young & Hopeless - Good Charlotte | Source: Official Album Artwork 2002

Good Charlotte are probably one of the longest running bands in Pop-Punk aren’t they? Even we old folk at In Key Magazine (physically mostly in our 20’s and early 30’s, but mentally, absolutely bloody ancient) love them, alongside all the young whippersnappers who just simply wouldn’t understand the good old days.

See the below clip from ‘Spaced‘ for an accurate representation of our feelings on the matter…

Today is our day though, as their seminal album ‘The Young & Hopeless‘, the soundtrack to angsty teenage evenings through to nights in darkened Alternative clubs, screaming along every word to every song from our youths, fuelled by nothing more than a dread of going back to work on Monday and, probably, cheap lagerĀ and Jager-Bombs. “This is THE anthem, throw all your hands up, don’t wanna be just like you!“.

It was a better time. A simpler time.

So why not roll back the years with us and indulge in this absolute classic as it turns sixteen years old today?

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