Hold Me Down – Tommy Lee | The Ever-Changing Crüe Drummer Turns 56! | Track Of The Day

Source: Official Tommy Lee Facebook Page 2018

The age of Hair Metal was a good time wasn’t it? Hairspray and caking on the make-up was the fashion for men and women alike, topped off with outlandish outfits (so much spandex) and a soundtrack of guitar Rock anthems that the likes of Steel Panther hold the torch for today.

Yet the times have changed since those good ol’ days gone by and we have to say that one of the era’s original and biggest stars, Tommy Lee, has changed many times since his days as the drummer for Mötley Crüe, as the Methods Of Mayhem frontman, a DJ, a Producer and as a solo artist! He’s quite a busy man don’t you know?

So, on the day of his fifty-sixth birthday, we’re sharing this absolute belter from his solo works with you. So crank up and enjoy!

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