Miss Misery – Elliot Smith | Fifteen Years Since The Tragic Loss Of An Often Unsung Icon | Track Of The Day

Source: Unofficial Elliot Smith Facebook Page 2018

Today marks fifteen years since the loss of possibly the most tragically unsung icon of modern music, Elliot Smith, one of the greatest Singer/Songwriters to grace the United States Of America, but the world as a whole.

Fifteen years on from the great man’s tragic suicide, we can only simply share one of his most popular work’s with you, the Oscar nominated ‘Miss Misery‘ (used at the conclusion of the incredible movie ‘Good Will Hunting‘, which was COMPLETELY INCORRECTLY beaten to the award by that bloody awful song from the Titanic move).

Although we must implore you to dig in to this man’s incredible discography. There quite simply is not a single song that is less than excellent to be found within it.

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