Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles | It’s The B-Sides That Make It Great | Track Of The Day

Source: Time Magazine Website 2018

Yesterday in Pop Music news, I definitely didn’t have to hit up Google to know this, The Beatles released their album, ‘Magical Mystery Tour‘. This 1967 record is, honestly, nothing special. It’s a failed attempt at psychedelic quirkiness that outstays its welcome quick. ‘Yellow Submarine’ is responsible for way too many people falling off The Beatles before ever giving them a chance. But, the B-sides are ace. And the best of the bunch is this. ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. All the best things Lennon ever brought to the band, this song is a trip through the very best of mid-late ‘60s songwriting. Before The Rolling Stones came in and brought he house down with their excellent run of albums 1968-72.

However, that’s a story for another day.

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