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Brand New Eyes - Paramore | Official Album Artwork 2009

Not long ago, I wrote about My Chemical Romance’s outstanding album ‘The Black Parade and how it “properly got me into the music I love today”. As much as that is true, there was an album that initially introduced me to the wonders of pop-punk. That album is Paramore’s ‘Brand New Eyes’.

I can’t  remember my first listen or where I got the CD, the album just latched itself into my life. It was the first Paramore album I had listened to (I hadn’t discovered ‘Riot’ then) and I was in complete awe. For a solid month, ‘Brand New Eyes’ was all I played.

“When was this?” I hear you ask. It was the summer of 2010. How do I know that? Because I had the CD playing in the car on the way to a JLS concert. Six months previously, I was beside myself with excitement at getting tickets to see JLS live (mostly because I had a crush on Aston Merrygold…), but my music loyalties had changed drastically by the time the concert date arrived.

From Paramore came watching and reading Kerrang!, and from Kerrang! came falling in love with a whole host of bands. Slowly but surely, I replaced my JLS posters with ones ripped from the pages of music magazines, dyed my hair the same colour as Gerard Way’s during My Chemical Romance’s ‘Danger Days’ era, and filled my iPod and CD collection with anything and everything pop-punk.

Somehow, Paramore have since fallen off my radar. I just didn’t have a connection with anything they released after ‘Brand New Eyes’. That’s hard for me to admit, given how awestruck I was with everything Paramore did at one point there. I’ve matured as a music fan (like a good cheese), but I’ll always remember my devotion to that unsuspecting record with butterfly artwork.

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