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Billi Eilish | Source: Official Billie Eilish Facebook Page (2019)

To anyone who has read any of my work in the last six months or so (or spoken to me on the subject, which was probably extraordinarily dull for you, as I do go on a bit sometimes), it’s been no secret that I was no fan of Billie Eilish. Based solely on her debut EP and a handful of live performance videos, I had written her off as being yet another artist in the current wave of what I have fondly named ‘sad meme artists’. The sort of artist who, before even ending her teens, was writing songs about how God damn deep and dark she is, all sung in a style reminiscent of somebody running up two flights of stairs to whisper something at you from across the room.

However, with a new album, which I very foolishly came close to writing off as ‘not for me’ before it was even released, I gave Miss. Eilish a second chance. Everyone I knew was banging on about how great her new single, ‘Bad Guy‘, was and how I needed to give it a spin. So I did. I opened up my Spotify and listened to the whole album.

To cut a long story short, I now have a copy in my record collection and have to say that ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?‘ may well just be one of the greatest Pop albums in many, many years. Gone are the old cliches, replaced with a dark and twisted vibe, sprinkled with a good dose of a tongue firmly in the cheek, adding a brilliantly fun spice to the whole affair.

Also, I think ‘Bad Guy’ is possibly my most listened to track of 2019 so far. It’s utterly addictive. So now I’m going to force my addictions onto yourselves.


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