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Thom Yorke | Source: FACT Magazine

When it comes to fanbases who would stroke their chins knowingly and discuss the concept of what they believe is a new concept track, but is actually just the band’s technicians tuning the guitars, Radiohead stand head and shoulders above a great deal of the rest. Do you know what though? I think that’s brilliant and I’m proud to include myself within that group of aforementioned chin ticklers.

However, all this gentle rubbing under the mouth doesn’t come from nowhere now does it? Thom Yorke and his band of merry men form Radiohead (and if you didn’t already know that, I’d have to question how you ended up reading this?) have spent around three decades paving their way as one of the most unique, genre bending bands in modern music. Yet today is the big day solely for Mr. Yorke, who has once again turned his unique methods to a brand new soundtrack for Paul Thomas Anderson’s new short film ‘Anima‘, which we can’t wait to finally get our hands on.

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