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Brian Eno | Source: Official Brian Eno Facebook Page 2019

Feeling a little tender after a weekend of living it up like the absolute baller that you are (or in your party-fuelled state, convinced yourself you were)? Woken up to the absolutely s**t realisation that it’s a Monday? Then you’re probably going to want something a little more soothing on the ears that your usual morning dose of Dark Techno, Swedish Death Metal, 80’s Pop Classics, Peruvian Folk Music, L0-Fi Danger Music Recordings (AKA people just screaming loudly or revving up power tools into a cheap microphone) or whatever gets you through that morning commute.

So why not treat yourself with this Ambient delight from Brian Eno’s seminal ‘Music For Airports‘. Simply entitled ‘1/1‘ (imaginatively named after it’s placing as the first track on the first side of the album in vinyl or cassette format), this absolutely breathtaking composition is just the sort of thing you need to wind you down from the weekend and gently ease you back into the working week.

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