Fire – Kasabian | It’s A Bit Warm, Isn’t it? | Track Of The Day

Kasabian | Source: InMusic Festival (2019)

Today, the UK is set to hit highs of thirty-seven degrees celsius, so let’s keep this brief shall we?

It’s very hot, everyone is complaining it, you can’t eat an ice cream in work (unless your boss is really cool), the UK government has issued warnings telling people not to leave the house and I personally (at 7AM no less) am already so hot and sweaty just from being outside for half an hour, that I could be rubbed on a cake tin to grease it for the making of delicious baked goods.

So here’s a song from Kasabian about fire, which contains the lyric “I’m on fire“, which feels a little too relatable.

Zero points for originality from us at In Key Magazine today we’re afraid.

It’s too hot for that s**t!

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