Bad Guy (In The Style Of Breaking Benjamin) – Ten Second Songs | Pop Hit To Mosh Pit | Track Of The Day

Ten Second Songs | Source: Ten Second Songs Official Facebook Page (2019)

Now, we’ve raved a bit on In Key about Billie Eilish (Editors Note: No Mitch, WE haven’t. It’s just you! – Fact Checking Editor), particularly her two most recent singles, ‘Bad Guy‘ and ‘Bury A Friend‘, so when YouTube musicians Ten Second Songs (AKA Anthony Vincent) and Jared Dines came together to do not just a simple Rock re-imagining, but a fully re-vamped cover version of the song in the style of no less than Breaking Benjamin, you can bet your b******s to a barn dance that we were ready to jump on the hype train.

Then, once we heard it, our leaping aboard was entirely justified. If you weren’t sold on the tune before or just simply couldn’t risk ruining your super Metal credentials by admitting you liked what you heard, here’s your excuse to show it off loud and proud.

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