Music In The Pandemic Age | I Want You To Be Strong | Week One

Source: 2020

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So, just over a week since the world went somewhat crazy. Schools are largely shut, pubs and
restaurants are closed and only a few of us seem to have the right to be going to work. So here I sit
thinking about my week. I have still been to work this week as I assist in managing the children’s
service that I spend the majority of my days doing when I’m not working hard at being a
music journalist/obsessive fan. It has been clear that one of the things that has helped me maintain
my sanity this week is music. For anyone that knows me, or has read anything Ive ever written, this
will come as no surprise, however this week things seem to have been way more poignant. Lyrics
suddenly have a greater and deeper meaning, sad songs feel overwhelming and happy songs can
either feel uplifting or somewhat like they are trying to mask a massive problem.

However, even with this in mind, my week has had some key musical moments. Some of these have
come from me just putting on any record and stumbling on a song I haven’t heard for a while in an
effort to try and drain out my own brain (don’t worry, it seems to be working), some have come from
the radio and some have come from the most unusual of sources. This all got me to thinking. There
are many people in the world that seem to be trying to offer something to people creatively to try
and help them get by (as much as it was truly confusing at best, you cannot fault the intent behind
Gal Gadots ‘Imagine‘ video, however the Joe Lycett version is side splitting levels of funny). I don’t have artistic creativity, so what I have decided to do is to put together nothing more exciting than a play
list of songs that for some reason have become significant in what is undoubtedly the craziest time I
have ever experienced. Below is a description of individual songs with links and at the end of the
article there should be a link to a playlist. I will update weekly and you will be able to see the
soundtrack to potentially my descent into insanity or, hopefully, to our whole recovery and much
happier times.

Stay safe one and all, be sensible, stay in and let us that need to head out to work do so. Reach out if you are struggling and look after each other.

Love to all.

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