Normal People | The Soundtrack That Broke Our Hearts | Feature

Hey Now (Arty remix) – London Grammar

Well we all love an arty nightclub scene, don’t we? This song is the perfect mix of being enough of a banger to make your quarantined arse miss the sweaty clubs you swore you’d never return to, while still having lyrics dripping in angst to amp up the tension between Marianne and Connell to a breaking point. “Just kiss each other!” you’ll yell at the screen when they’re exchanging sultry looks across the busy nightclub. Ugh, if only they’d kissed each other.

Warped Window – Anna Mieke

This quiet, understated and smoky love song seeks to highlight the fragility of the flawed connection between Marianne and Connell. The kind of song that makes you think with each listen about that one person whose name always leaves you feeling tender. You know the one, you’re thinking of them right now.

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