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Desperate to show off to our Editor (Yes yes, all of you should view me with awe and respect as the almighty powerful being I am – Very Humble Editor) and in a bid to celebrate the last month of my thirties in an idiosyncratic and worthy Indie style, I proposed that I listen to every Fall album in order, at a rate of one a day, and give a brief overview of what I find. Who knew that there were precisely thirty-one Fall studio albums, and the same number of days in August?! The stars aligned-ah.

Now I’m not a Fall fan. I mean I’ve heard some of their more popular tunes and I like the kind of bands (dEUS, Elastica, Future Of The Left, Etc.) that tend to get compared to Mark E Smith and his seemingly endless carousel of supporting musicians. I’m expecting it to be a bit like I’m peeking into an art installation that gets updated daily. So here are my reports from each album, forty words each – one word for every year I have been alive.

Will I fall in or fall… Out?

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