The Fall: Every Album Reviewed (Part One) | No I’m Not Having A Crisis!

Grotesque (1980)

The same but…Rockabilly?! Bastardised Blues riffs, kazoos and muddy extra marital affairs in the park sit awkwardly congruous alongside postcards from a band sounding trapped in the music business. This is brash and less paranoid than the earlier albums.

Fave track: ‘C ‘n C’s – Mithering

Best Smithism: “Wireless enthusiast intercepts government secret radio band and uncovers secrets and scandals of deceitful type proportions

Hex Enduction Hour (1982)

Like going from ‘The Smiths‘ to ‘Meat is Murder‘: This is muscular and sinewy, confidently prowling as often as it is wild eyed and spitting. It bites. It’s tightly packed magnificence. There is oft-quoted, provocative racism in one song’s narrative.*

Fave Track: Hip Priest

Best Smithism: “Fall down flat in the cafe aisle without a glance from the clientele

*And although I’m bound by the 40 words review rule I imposed on myself, I don’t want to just gloss over that. My take on Mark E Smith is many if not all of the songs are stories, characters, but if you don’t want to hear ethnic slurs over jittery post punk then don’t listen to the first tune on this record.

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