The Fall: Every Album Reviewed (Part One) | No I’m Not Having A Crisis!

Room To Live (1982)

Mainly ponderous, odd and without shape. Like what I’d expected earlier on this week. This feels like a rushed second album. Still there are swathes of neat vocals and Krautrock-y Indie noise but after the robust ‘Hex’… It’s a disappointment.

Fave Track: Fantastic Life

Best Smithism: “The man at the bar had a v-neck vest on/No, it was a v-neck waistcoat/Accurate

Perverted By Language (1983)

Long songs, so the vignettes and bizarre stories feel more resonant. Performance art, spoken word and amorphic churning noise ‘experimenting’ with each other like a black wave ‘experiments’ with a pebbled beach in a storm. A big return to form.

Fave Track: Eat Y’Self Fitter

Best Smithism: “I’ve been sharpening a knife in the bathroom/On a brick I got from the garden/No one will f*** with me again

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