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Ohms - Deftones | Source: Official Album Artwork 2020

Out of the plethora of bands that came about in the nineties, none of them managed to pull in such a wide audience like Deftones. The Sacramento five piece has always managed to keep fans and critics guessing with an ever-changing sound that goes all over the spectrum of rock and metal. Touching on the all familiar angst-ridden Nu-Metal, to more contemporary and experimental, pulling in many a pissed off teenager and stoner alike. 

2014’s ‘Gore‘, while an album most would agree was Deftones at their most experimental, split the fanbase. Some really loved it, appreciating a band with more artistic integrity than I could muster in my genetically modified, hypersensitive pinkies. Others felt it went too far, with the end results being an album,where the identity of Deftones wasn’t familiar. ‘Ohms‘ has been a highly anticipated album to those who felt that ‘Gore’ couldn’t give them that fix and it’s safe to say that patience has paid off in spades. 

Starting with an almighty bang with the track ‘Genesis‘, you will soon discover that ‘Ohms’ is an album not to be fucked with. A forty-six minute journey inside one of rock music’s vaguely charming minds, Chino Moreno’s over-sexualised vocals croon to us about illusions in the mysterious and equally over-sexualised ‘Ceremony‘. I don’t care for you sexual persuasion, but you cannot look me in the face and tell me that Chino Moreno’s voice doesn’t move you, I don’t have that much interest in sex and I want to flip a table and dance (The trouser-less tango for two perchance? – Erotica Editor) when I hear that sickly sweet falsetto. 

Urantia‘ continues this album’s ridiculous sexy trend, Steve Carpenter’s guitar work on this album helps with the overall mood of this album, that is not afraid to change on a dime. As ‘Error‘ brings in a more frantic and frenzied sound, coupled with a bittersweet chorus hook and horizon-broadening bridge towards, this is very easily one of the if not the best track on the whole album. I am left exhausted and needing a herbal cigarette and I am only four tracks deep in this audible fuck-fest!   

The Spell Of Mathematics‘ is not the name of Rachel Riley from Countdown’s hypothetical porno-tape, rather more of Chino seducing me audibly. I don’t know how else I can review this album by this point, without needing some lubrication and a strippers pole. Deftones have always had that air of mysterious lust to them, only best reserved for artists such as Prince or Chas ‘N’ Dave. I want to tell you more about this album, but I’m fairly confident no one wants to see the raging semi that’s popping up in my trousers every time I talk. 

Pompeji‘ takes the listener to a grungy sound, with its down-tuned guitar work and atmospheric synth work, if ‘Error’ was Deftones at its most frantic, ‘Pompeji’ is Deftones at its most experimental, it is a beautiful listen and sets up nice to ‘This Link Is Dead‘, which is easily the “take no shit anthem” of ‘Ohms’. ‘Ohms’ strength comes in the different sounds that are on offer, Deftones never fail to try something new with each album and the eerie synth work used in this album can easily be traced back to such influences as The Cure or a scene from Blade Runner

As I make it through ‘Ohms’ final three tracks, the up-tempo Punk flavoured ‘Radiant City’ the brooding ‘Headless’ and finally the title track, which encapsulates the entire sound of this album in a four-minute epic, I stopped reviewing and just went ahead to enjoy the album. I found ‘Ohms’ hard to review and not because it was a bad album, but because it simply cannot be described in words. 

‘Ohms’ delivers in every single way, from Chino Moreno’s powerful vocals to the composition of the music itself that it’s hard to stick a pin on it and say “oh it’s this sound” or “it takes after this album”. It’s a testament to an almost thirty year old band that still see music as an art form, a mission statement that Deftones set out back in the ‘Adrenaline‘ days and have continued to churn album after album with very rare missteps and even then, their missteps would have derailed a lesser-known band. 

For maximum effect, you have to listen, meditate and enjoy. Hell, don’t even read this review, despite the fact we’re just wrapping up, fuck off and listen to ‘Ohms’! Feel sexy for 45 minutes, send a few ludes to your partner if you have one, then get on with your lockdown bread making while sensually massaging dough. There will always be three things life will guarantee you: death, taxes and stupid, sexy Deftones.   

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