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Nicola | Super-Stylin’ Boogie Queen Extraordinaire

Best Album Of The Year: ‘Below The Salt’ – Haley Blais

Haley has made this nightmare of a year a little more dreamy, which is something I definitely needed.

Worst Single Of The Year: ‘Under The Table’ – Fiona Apple

This song was probably the only thing I listened to throughout April and it was undoubtedly a godsend. The woman is a genius.

Worst Album & Single Of The Year: N/A

To be honest, anyone that was able to release music at all throughout the fuck fest that’s been 2020 has my respect, even if it’s not music I’m a fan of myself (She’s the absolute sweetest lady you could hope to meet is our Nicola – Far More Cynical Editor).

Favourite new discovery: Confidence Man

They’re not new for 2020, but finding out about Confidence Man helped me boogie through my tiers.

Hopes For 2021:

Artists hopefully taking more of a laid back, DIY stance to their music next year, as many started to in 2020. I’m kinda over shiny perfection, bring back rough n ready records please!

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