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Nick | Rum Guzzler & Bearded Man O’ Metal In Chief

Best Album Of The Year: ‘Underneath’ – Code Orange

Pound for pound, this album is relentless from start to end, delivering fresh punches to the mouth.

Worst Album Of The Year: ‘Mother’ – In This Moment

I’m just saying when your album has three covers and one of them is a version of Queen’sWe Will Rock You‘ you’ve official become creatively bankrupt and should not be releasing albums.

Best Single Of The Year: ‘Parasite Eve’ – Bring Me The Horizon

Taking the COVID hysteria and making it their bitch, there’s still teeth on BMTH’s delivery and they shut up all the critics of ‘Amo‘.

Worst Single Of The Year: ‘CMFT’ – Corey Taylor

The single was bad, the album is an abomination, there is nothing left to say.

Favourite New Discovery Of 2020: Grandson

Three brilliant EPs and a fantastic debut album, 2020 really was Grandson’s year and he’s got all the tools to be alternative music’s next breakout success.

Hopes For 2021:

The sweet rum soaked release of death and maybe a new 3Teeth album.

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