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Mark | He Saw Your Favourite Band Live Before They Were Cool

Best Album Of The Year: ‘The Ascension’ – Sufjan Stevens

Steven’s manages to expand his musical pallet following the largely acoustic ‘Carrie And Lowell‘ and create something both sonically and lyrically genius, that gives more the more you listen to it. Madly, ‘Græ‘ by Moses Sumney could have same description in terms of what it does and comes highly recommended by me too.

Worst Album Of The Year: Johnny Cash & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Johnny Cash & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Well you know… Fuck whoever was responsible for ruining some of this legacy.

Best Single Of The Year: ‘The Turning Of Our Bones’ – Arab Strap

I needed nothing more than the return of Arab Strap and played this song more than anything else I know. ‘The End‘ by Phoebe Bridgers also come in as a close second place for being the theme song for 2020.

Worst Single Of The Year: Anything From My Worst Album Of The Year

*Feeling Of Silent Disgust Intensify*

Favourite New Discovery Of 2020: Lankum

A captivating and incredible sound, which is as far from Traditional Folk as possible but somehow holds on to the core. Imagine if you crossed Sunn O))) and The Pogues. You didn’t know you needed it, but when you’ve found it, you won’t want to stop listening.

Hopes For 2021:

A new LOW album, actually getting in a room with people to hear music and hugging friends again.

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